Red Hook Plays is a grassroots organization started by local parents who want our play facilities to be supportive, enriching and accessible to children of all ages and abilities.  Community playgrounds are important to foster social skills, promote physical activity, and to build imagination.  

The full cost of the project is $250,000, most of which will be funded through a town bond and grants. Our goal is to raise $40,000 through community sponsorships and your generous contribution. 

This is a community build project, and we need volunteers of all ability levels. If you are interested in volunteering, register here for more info.

Share this page with friends, family and neighbors to help Red Hook Plays reach the goal for a new playground!

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Town of Red Hook

New York 12571

Mailing Address: 

Funshine Nursery 

c/o Red Hook Plays

208 Rockefeller Lane,

Red Hook, NY 12571